Season Two

Episode 2PABB01: "Judgement"
  • Angel begins to deal with his discovery that he will not always be immortal.
  • Darla recovers from her resurrection from Hell and becomes Lindsey's pet project.
  • The Karaoke Bar becomes Angel's new connection to The Powers That Be, after the Oracles' murder.
  • Faith makes a surprise appearance in jail revealing that her new life isn't so charmed, but that she's dealing.

    Episode 2PABB02: "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been"
  • Angel investigates a motel he has a history with.
  • Angel Investigations sets up shop in the old motel where Angel also lives.
  • Darla begins to get stronger and more sane.

    Episode 2PABB03: "First Impressions"
  • Darla begins her nocturnal visits to Angel.

    Episode 2PABB04: "Untouched"
  • As Darla continues her haunting visits, Angel finds he is off his game due to the weird dreams he seems to be having and tries to sleep more.

    Episode 2PABB05: "Dear Boy"
  • To his horror, Angel finds that Darla is alive - and is human.
  • Angel predicts that since Darla has a soul, she will soon begin to pay for all the evil things she committed as a vampire.
  • Angel's friends begin to see Angel's downfall, as he continues to obsess over Darla.

    Episode 2PABB07: "Darla" (Part 2 of 2; Buffy/Angel crossover)
  • Darla tries to return to her vampiric ways, but Angel stops her.
  • An entire history about the two is revealed.
  • Angel's obsession with Darla becomes maddening.

    Episode 2PABB08: "The Shroud Of Rahmon"
  • Angel's bloodlust is reawakened after he bites Kate to protect her.

    Episode 2PABB09: "The Trial"
  • Darla begins to crack up but soon learns she is dying of the same disease she was dying from before she first became a vampire.
  • Darla turns to Angel to help, who prepares himself for a trial to save her life.
  • As Darla accepts her fate that she is going to die and finds herself liking Angel's care for her, Wolfram & Hart invades and keeping Angel back, they allow Drusilla to turn Darla back into a vampire.

    Episode 2PABB10: "Reunion"
  • Darla reawakens as a vampire and Drusilla and Darla begin to paint the town red.
  • Darla and Drusilla slaughter several of the lawyers from the law firm - with Angel's permission.
  • Angel fires his staff after they express their concern that only they stand in the way of Angel becoming truly evil.