No more new episodes

Angel had its series finale in the Spring of 2004, and no new episodes are being made or aired.

Syndicated episodes on TNT

TNT shows old episodes of Angel on weekdays at 8am and 5pm. Below is the tentative schedule:

Tue. Oct. 19 8am Eternity (S1)
Tue. Oct. 19 5pm Underneath (S5)
Wed. Oct. 20 8am Five by Five (S1)
Wed. Oct. 20 5pm Origin (S5)
Thur. Oct. 21 8am Sanctuary (S1)
Thur. Oct. 21 5pm Time Bomb (S5)
Fri. Oct. 22 8am War Zone (S1)
Fri. Oct. 22 5pm The Girl in Question (S5)
Mon. Oct. 25 8am Blind Date (S1)
Mon. Oct. 25 5pm Power Play (S5)
Tue. Oct. 26 8am To Shanshu in L.A. (S1)
Tue. Oct. 26 5pm Not Fade Away (S5)
Wed. Oct. 27 8am Judgment (S2)
Wed. Oct. 27 5pm City of (S1)
Thur. Oct. 28 8am Are You Now or Have You Ever Been (S2)
Thur. Oct. 28 5pm Lonely Hearts (S1)
Fri. Oct. 29 8am First Impressions (S2)
Thur. Oct. 28 5pm In the Dark (S1)
Mon. Nov. 1 8am Untouched (S2)
Mon. Nov. 1 5pm I Fall to Pieces (S1)
Tue. Nov. 2 8am Dear Boy (S2)
Tue. Nov. 2 5pm Rm w/a Vu (S1)
Wed. Nov. 3 8am Guise Will Be Guise (S2)
Wed. Nov. 3 5pm Sense and Sensitivity (S1)
Thur. Nov. 4 8am Darla (S2)
Thur. Nov. 4 5pm The Bachelor Party (S1)
Fri. Nov. 5 8am The Shroud of Rahmon (S2)
Fri. Nov. 5 5pm I Will Remember You (S1)