Latest Magazine and Comic Information

The latest issue of the "Angel" comic series available is Issue #14. Issue #15 is expected to be released on January 17th. The storyline of this issue follows something along the lines of this:
"What do a rash of deaths by spontaneous combustion, a teenage girl on the lam, and a demon spellcaster all have in common? If Angel wants to prevent any more deaths by fire, he'd better figure it out. And as Angel and crew investigate, he discovers that even he may have a connection to this case."
*As also reported on the news page, Dark Horse has planned an exclusive comic book crossover between "Angel" and its parent show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The special comic has a tentative release date of 2001.
*A new Angel graphic novel will be released on December 27th entitled "Surrogates". This is a trade paperback and contains the first three issues of the Angel comic series.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer US Official Magazine #11: Exclusive interviews are included with Christian Kane (Lindsey) and Julie Benz (Darla).
Buffy the Vampire Slayer UK Official Magazine #16: This issue includes a guide to the first season, a review of "Judgment" and more.
Cult Times Special #16: Features an interview with J. August Richards (Gunn). Also included are profiles of Cordelia, Wesley and Doyle.
TV Zone #134: There is an interview with Angel's Julie Benz in this issue as she talks about her character, Darla.
XPose #52: Reviews of the latest episodes are included.