Season One

Episode 1PABB01: "City Of"
  • Angel, Cordelia and Doyle begin work at the "Angel Investigations" agency.
  • It is revealed that Doyle has something to atone for (important for 1PABB09 - Hero).
  • We learn that Doyle gets visions from the Powers That Be, who sent him to Angel to save the souls of the helpless in Los Angeles.
  • We are introduced to Wolfram & Hart in this episode and also to Lindsey McDonald.

    Episode 1PABB02: "Lonely Hearts"
  • Angel meets Detective Kate Lockley.

    Episode 1PABB03: "In The Dark" (Part 2 of 2; Buffy/Angel crossover)
  • Spike, an old vampire from Angel's past, resurfaces in LA to retrieve the Gem of Amarra, an ancient ring which renders the bearer unkillable by any means necessary.
  • Oz travels to LA to give Angel the ring.

    Episode 1PABB04: "I Fall To Pieces"
  • Detective Kate Lockley returns in this episode.

    Episode 1PABB05: "Rm W/A Vu"
  • Cordelia moves into a new apartment with new ghostly roommate, Phantom Dennis.
  • Kate makes a brief appearance.

    Episode 1PABB06: "Sense And Sensitivity"
  • Angel discovers that Kate's relationship with her father is estranged, despite the fact they share(d) the same occupation.
  • Wolfram & Hart put their foot in it once more.

    Episode 1PABB07: "The Bachelor Party"
  • Angel and Cordelia learn Doyle has an estranged wife by the name of Harry.
  • Doyle has a vision of Buffy in trouble (which explains David Boreanaz's crossover appearance to Buffy in the fourth season episode, "Pangs")

    Episode 1PABB08: "I Will Remember You" (Part 2 of 2; Buffy/Angel crossover)
  • Angel's ex-girlfriend and love of his life, Buffy Summers comes to LA to find out why he didn't tell her he was in Sunnydale.
  • Angel and Buffy get to experience sex with each other again when he becomes human, but both are crushed to learn that if he doesn't turn back the clock to destroy the demon before it makes him human, Buffy will perish.
  • Hints are dropped in this episode about the end of days and some foot soldiers (vital for 1PABB09 - Hero).

    Episode 1PABB09: "Hero" (Doyle's Final Episode)
  • Doyle and Cordelia learn of Angel's night with Buffy.
  • Cordelia finds out that Doyle is half-demon.
  • Angel finds out what Doyle has to atone for - refusing to help demons of his own kind when they were in danger.
  • Doyle sacrifices his life to save other halfbreeds as well as Angel and Cordelia.
  • Doyle passes his visions onto Cordelia.

    Episode 1PABB10: "Parting Gifts" (Wesley's First Episode)
  • Wesley unofficially joins the staff of Angel Investigations.
  • Cordelia inherits Doyle's gift of visions.

    Episode 1PABB11: "Somnambulist"
  • Angel's past catches up with him - a vampire he created named Penn is copying his old modus operandi.
  • Kate learns of Angel's vampiric nature and his past as 'Angelus - the Scourge of Europe'.

    Episode 1PABB14: "I've Got You Under My Skin"
  • Angel expresses guilt over Doyle's untimely demise when he accidentally refers to Wesley as his former sidekick.

    Episode 1PABB15: "The Prodigal"
  • Kate continues to struggle with what she now knows about Angel.
  • When her father is brutally murdered by vampires, a distraught Kate blames Angel for his death.
  • Angel thinks about his own poor relationship with his own father.

    Episode 1PABB17: "Eternity"
  • Briefly, whilst drugged, Angelus resurfaces to terrorise Cordelia and Wesley as well as a client and during this time, he makes some pretty nasty comments.

    Episode 1PABB18: "Five By Five" (Part 1 of 2)
  • Faith comes to LA after waking up from her coma and after causing hell for Buffy, she flees Sunnydale.
  • Faith begins her mission to kill Angel after she is hired by Wolfram & Hart, but she soon breaks down in his arms wanting to die because of the way her cruel ways make her feel.
  • Wesley is reminded of how he failed in his duties as Faith's Watcher.
  • Angel is reminded of his past with his sire and former love, Darla.
  • Lindsey, aided by his associates Lee and Lilah, hires Faith to kill Angel.

    Episode 1PABB19: "Sanctuary" (Part 2 of 2; Part 1 of 2 of Buffy/Angel crossover)
  • Buffy returns to LA seeking Faith out for vengeance.
  • The Watcher's Council Special Operations Team arrive to take care of Faith, any way they can and offer Wesley a chance to return if he captures her.
  • Angel begins to reform Faith after their fight.
  • Faith turns herself into police and begins the rocky road to redemption.
  • Wolfram & Hart continue their attempts to eliminate Faith and Angel.

    Episode 1PABB20: "War Zone" (Gunn's First Episode)
  • Angel meets Gunn and learns he is a rogue vampire slayer.
  • Gunn loses his sister to vampires and is forced to stake her himself.
  • The trio meet David Nabbitt, a lonely multimillionaire and computer nerd.
  • Angel and Gunn form somewhat of an alliance.

    Episode 1PABB21: "Blind Date"
  • After hearing a sickening plan from his bosses, Lindsey decides he wants out - until he is offered a promotion and a larger office, which he takes.
  • During the melee in Wolfram & Hart, Angel steals the Prophecy of Aberjian - essential to 1PABB22 To Shanshu In LA.
  • Gunn returns to assist Angel in getting in to Wolfram & Hart.

    Episode 1PABB22: "To Shanshu In LA"
  • The Prophecy of Aberjian comes into play when Wolfram & Hart raise the evil creature, Vocah, to summon an ancient evil from Hell.
  • Angel calls on for Gunn's help once again when Cordelia is hospitalised suffering endless visions and the Angel Investigations building is destroyed, putting Wesley into a serious condition.
  • Kate returns and continues to despise Angel, but he finally tells her off.
  • Upon decoding the prophecy, Wesley tells Angel that once he has fufilled his mission, he will become human.
  • Darla was the ancient evil the lawyers from Wolfram & Hart raised.

    To be continued in Season 2......