2nd Season

#1 Judgment
#2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
#3 First Impressions
#4 Untouched
#5 Dear Boy
#6 Guise Will Be Guise
#7 Darla
#8 The Shroud of Rahmon
#9 The Trial
#10 Reunion
#11 Redefinition
#12 Blood Money
#13 Happy Anniversary
#14 The Thin Dead Line
#15 Reprise
#16 Epiphany
#17 Disharmony
#18 Dead End
#19 Belonging
#20 Over the Rainbow
#21 Through the Looking Glass
#22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

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#1 Judgment: Aired Tuesday, September 26, 2000

When Angel mistakenly kills a good demon who was protecting a pregnant woman and her unborn child, he must make that demon's mission his own.

#2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been: Aired Tuesday, October 3, 2000

While ridding a hotel of a demon that feeds upon paranoia, Angel remembers his past as a recluse in 1952.

#3 First Impressions: Aired Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Cordelia has a vision that leads her to think Gunn needs a protector. Angel is dreaming about Darla.

#4 Untouched: Aired Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Angel helps a girl get control of her incredible telekinesis. Darla continues to visit Angel in his dreams. Angel offers to pay Gunn for his help.

#5 Dear Boy: Aired Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Angel's continued restless nights take him all the way back to 1860 London and his first encounter with Drusilla, but when he sees Darla in his waking life, Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn fear he has gone off the deep end and may revert to his evil ways.

#6 Guise Will Be Guise: Aired Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Wesley finds himself posing as Angel when the vampire's services are demanded and he is busy getting his head shrunk. Wesley ends up protecting, and falling for, a girl who is intended as sacrifice to a demon.

#7 Darla: Aired Tuesday, November 14, 2000

As Darla struggles to sort out her identity, Angel feels it is becoming increasingly important to find where Wolfram & Hart are hiding her. A series of flashbacks reveal Darla and Spike's rebirths as vampires and Angelus's early defiance of The Master.

#8 The Shroud of Rahmon: Aired Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Angel and Gunn go undercover to foil the theft of a demonic burial shroud, unaware that the evil garment makes people near it psychotic. Cordy and Wesley rush to get to them before the violent effects of the artifact take hold.

#9 The Trial: Aired Tuesday, November 28, 2000

After Darla discovers she is terminally ill, Angel enters into a series of mysterious trials in an attempt to save her life. The downside: he could get both of them killed in the process.

#10 Reunion: Aired Tuesday, December 19, 2000

In a last-ditch effort to save her beleaguered soul, Angel hastens to find the soon-to-be reborn Darla before she awakens as a vampire. He hits pay dirt (so to speak) at a greenhouse, but is foiled at the last minute by Drusilla's intervention. She and Darla make clean but separate getaways, leaving a defeated Angel with no choice but to head home, regroup and hunt them down. Meanwhile, Drusilla makes her presence felt at Wolfram & Hart, where a confused, fuming and extremely violent Darla has a bone to pick with her new mum.

#11 Redefinition: Aired Tuesday, January 16, 2001

As Wes, Cordy and Gunn reel from the shock of being fired, their deadly serious ex-boss intently reinvents himself as a coldhearted, one-man weapon of mass destruction. Darla and Drusilla keep busy by recruiting baddies for their new gang. Lindsay and Lilah ponder their Wolfram & Hart futures (or possible lack thereof) with the firm.

#12 Blood Money: Aired Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Angel digs up dirt on Wolfram & Hart's connection to a shelter for runaways and the woman who manages it. An old enemy of Angel's resurfaces with a grudge. Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn resolve to continue fighting evil, sans vampire.

#13 Happy Anniversary: Aired Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Angel and the Host search for a physicist they fear will cause the end of the world. Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn settle into their new digs, where Virginia brings them their first official case.

#14 The Thin Dead Line: Aired Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Gunn, Cordy and Wesley end up working on the same case as Angel, and find themselves the targets of over-zealous zombie policemen.

#15 Reprise: Aired Tuesday, February 20, 2001

The mother of the child with the third eye in the back of her head refuses to pay Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn for their services after the eye is successfully removed, but then a demon uses her to lure Cordelia over with the promise of a check. Kate is fired from the police force, gets drunk, and takes a bunch of pills. Wesley, still recovering from his gunshot wound, is dumped by Virginia. Wolfram & Hart prepares for their seventy-five year review by the senior partner who comes straight from hell. Angel kills the senior partner and uses his magic ring to get to hell and destroy Wolfram & Hart at the source, but he is horrified when he discovers that hell is where he already is. It turns out that Lindsey has been harboring Darla while she recovers from her burns. Darla hunts down Angel to get the magic ring, and a depressed Angel ends up sleeping with Darla to feel something other than the cold.

#16 Epiphany: Aired Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Angel wakes up from his night of passion with Darla and realizes that he hasn't become evil. He has an epiphany. He saves Kate from her pill-induced coma, and goes to talk to the Host who gives him some good advice, and warns him that his old co-workers may not live through the night at the rate they're going. Angel rescues Wesley from an attack by Skilosh demons (with third eyes on the backs of their heads), and then together with a bitter Wesley and Gunn heads out to save Cordelia who has been captured by the Skilosh. Angel is momentarily distracted by a jealous Lindsey wielding a sledge-hammer, but Angel smashes Lindsey's prosthetic hand and manages to save his old friends from the vengeful Skilosh demons. Lindsey is disappointed to find out that Darla has left his place. Angel bonds with Kate. Angel volunteers to work for Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley, and although they're hesitant, they take him back aboard.

#17 Disharmony: Aired Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Angel tries to get back into the good graces of his old firm, especially those of Cordelia. Cordy has a vision which sends the guys out looking for robed vampires, meanwhile Cordy is paid a visit by her old high-school friend Harmony. Cordy invites Harmony to stay with her, and they have a sleepover and talk about the good old days. At first, Cordy thinks Harmony's strange behavior is due to lesbianism, but finally finds out that her friend is a vampire Willow on the phone. Harmony seems harmless enough, so Cordelia insists that Angel and Wesley don't stake her. Meanwhile, many robed vampires gather to listen to vampire motivational speaker, Doug Sanders, who has a vampire pyramid scheme going. Cordy takes Harmony to the Karaoke bar, and the Host tells Harmony that her path lies with Cordy. Harmony decides the Host meant for her join the good guys, and she tells Angel Investigations she wants to help them. They reluctantly send her in to scope out Doug Sanders's operation, and are not surprised when she joins the vampire group and turns on them. Despite the ambush, Angel and his gang defeat the vampires, and Cordelia holds Harmony at stake-point... only to let her go and tell her to get out of town. Angel finally wins back Cordelia's affections by buying her a whole bunch of new clothes.

#18 Dead End: Aired Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Just as Lindsey gets the gift of a transplanted hand from Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia has a particularly disturbing vision of an apparently sane man stabbing himself in the eye. Lindsey starts to worry when his hand starts writing "kill" on a notepad during a meeting, and Angel Investigations is frustrated when they can't find any trace of the guy who stabbed himself. Both Angel's gang and Lindsey show up at the Karaoke bar, and after Lindsey does a fabulous solo number playing the guitar, the Host tells them that their questions lead to the same answers. Each following their own leads, Angel and Lindsey confront a parole officer at the same time who leads them to a Wolfram & Hart body parts bank that has been blessed by regenerating Pockla demon healers. Angel and Lindsey save the people that they can and destroy the facility. Lindsey is about to be promoted over Lilah, but instead he rants about his evil hand and decides to leave town, leaving Lilah the coveted position. Cordelia's visions are starting to take their toll on her.

#19 Belonging: Aired Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Cordy is excited about getting cast in a national commercial but is humiliated when the director treats her like crap in front of Angel. Wesley finds it hard to lead the investigative team, particularly after his father knocks down his ego during a phone call. The Host comes running to Angel and the gang after a vicious beast comes through a portal in Caritas, the Karaoke bar. He explains that it's a Drokken and they must kill it. Following a vision that Cordy has of a librarian being sucked through a portal, the gang goes to the library, where a magic book brings one of the Host's cousins from another dimension. The gang learns that the Host's name is Lorne, and he left his own dimension in shame to escape his society in which everyone is a warrior. Lorne's cousin, Landok, leads the hunt of the Drokken, but is poisoned by the beast. Angel kills the Drokken and the gang uses the magic book to send Landok back to his home dimension for an antidote. Cordy accidentally gets sucked through the portal with him. Gunn, tied up killing a Haklar demon with Angel Investigations, is late meeting his old gang to take down a pack of vampires, and his friend Rondell is killed. A guilty Gunn joins his friends to burn Rondell's body to make sure he doesn't come back as a vampire.

#20 Over the Rainbow: Aired Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Cordy has been sucked into Lorne's home world, Pylea, and is immediately captured. She is called a cow and sold as a slave. To help Angel and Wesley rescue Cordelia, Lorne asks a psychic friend for help finding another portal. She friend not only directs him to a portal, but encourages the unwilling demon to return home and face his, um, demons. Lawyers from Wolfram & Hart catch Angel in a bad mood and say that they're appraising the hotel because they want to buy it when Angel's lease is up. Gunn joins Angel and Wesley, even though he originally says he won't because he has to go back to his street gang. Cordy meets another captured human woman, but that is least of her concerns when she has a vision and is then considered cursed by the Pylea natives. The guys make it through another portal to Pylea and Angel is pleasantly surprised when the suns of Pylea don't burn him. The book that they used to open the portal stays in their original dimension. They guys are quickly captured, chained, jailed, and then brought before her royal highness for sentencing. Her royal highness is none other than Cordelia herself.

#21 Through the Looking Glass: Aired Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Cordy has been made a princess by the priests because she fulfills a prophecy of one who arrives and has visions from the powers that be. She quickly sets her friends free, and they go about trying to find a way home. Angel and Lorne go to talk to Lorne's family and Wesley and Gunn start reading some of the holy books. They realize there is a connection between the holy books and Wolfram & Hart. They read about how the princess will have to perform a mating ritual with a beast called the Groosalugg, and when the priests say they have added more guards to the castle due to rebel unrest, they decide to make a break for it. Wesley and Gunn escape, but Cordy is caught by the priests. Cordy is scared of the Groosalugg, but the beast turns out to be a charming human who has been honored as a great warrior. Meanwhile, Angel's reputation precedes him when Landok tells his family of Angel's battle with the Drokken, and Angel is given the honor of beheading the cow they've captured... Fred. Angel runs away with Fred with some help from Lorne, who is captured. Lorne is brought to Cordelia for punishment, and Cordy immediately pardons him, but then sends him away so she can be alone with the Groosalugg. Meanwhile, Angel tries to get back to his friends with Fred, but has to fight some guards and vamps out. Unfortunately, not only can he be in sunlight and see his reflection in this dimension, but when he vamps out he turns into a horrible green monster and loses control, attacking Wesley and Gunn when he runs into them later. Fred saves Wesley and Gunn by luring Angel away with blood, but Wesley and Gunn are then captured by rebels. The rebels decide to use the two friends of the princess to send a message... in the mouths of their severed heads. Monster Angel sees his reflection and manages to revert to his human form, but he is left weak and shaking and horrified that his human friends have seen his true form, the monster that lies within. Meanwhile, the Grooslugg convinces a reluctant Cordy that she can do good as the ruler of the land, and she starts making proclamations to free slaves and whatnot. The priests are pissed that she hasn't mated yet, and decide to show her who's in charge by bringing her the severed head of Lorne.

#22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb: Aired Tuesday, May 22, 2001

It turns out that Lorne's physiology makes him able to survive without his head as long as his body is not mutilated. With some help from the Groosalugg and Lorne's family, Cordelia reunites Lorne's head with his body unmutilated. The priests send warriors after Angel, Wesley and Gunn. Fighting the castle warriors, Wesley and Gunn gain the trust of their rebel captors. A reluctant Angel seeks out his friends and apologizes for his beast within. The rebels, led by Wesley, attack the castle while Angel distracts the Groosalugg. Our heroes defeat the evil priests, and Cordelia declares all humans to no longer be slaves, leaving the well-meaning Groosalugg in charge. Angel, Lorne, Wesley, Gunn, Cordelia, and Fred successfully return to L.A., only to be greeted by a solemn Willow with news of Buffy.

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