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3rd Season

#1 Heartthrob
#2 That Vision-Thing
#3 That Old Gang of Mine
#4 Carpe Noctem
#5 Fredless
#6 Billy
#7 Offspring
#8 Quickening
#9 Lullaby
#10 Dad
#11 Birthday
#12 Provider
#13 Waiting in the Wings
#14 Couplet
#15 Loyalty
#16 Sleep Tight
#17 Forgiving
#18 Double or Nothing
#19 The Price
#20 A New World
#21 Benediction
#22 Tomorrow

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#1 Heartthrob: Aired Monday, September 24, 2001

Angel returns from three months in Sri Lanka grieving for Buffy. Fred has spent the summer hiding in her hotel room writing on the walls. Cordelia has a vision of vampires attacking college students. Cordelia is having a harder and harder time recovering from her visions. Angel and the guys track down the offending vampires and stake all but one of them, including one that Angel recognizes as Elizabeth. Angel recalls when he and Darla were hanging out with James and Elizabeth in Marseilles in 1767. James was madly in love with Elizabeth, and even defied Holtz, and vampire hunter that Angel and Darla knew well enough to run from, to prove his love for her. James finds out Angel killed his sweetheart and decides he has nothing left to live for. He goes to a demon doctor who gives him a heart transplant, making him invincible, but ensuring he will die in a few hours. Angel manages to fight off James until James simply self-destructs, but James wounds Angel with his words about how he loved Elizabeth so much that he wants to die himself. Angel worries that he can still go on without Buffy, but Cordelia assures him that it's perfectly normal to grieve and then go on with your life. Darla lurks in a bar in Nicaragua, visibly pregnant.

#2 That Vision-Thing: Aired Monday, October 1, 2001

Lilah Morgan hires a brainy guy who is able to tap into Cordelia's brain and give her fake visions. The fake visions also have the unfortunate side-effect of giving Cordelia physical manifestations, so that Cordelia ends up covered in claw-marks, boils and burns. Angel finds himself fetching mysterious items from around town in answer to Cordelia's visions, while the whole gang is desperate to figure out why Cordelia is suffering so much. With help from the Host, Angel learns he has to track down Lilah, and when he does so, she tells them that if he releases a certain man from a fiery prison in a demon dimension, she will cure Cordelia. Angel uses the mysterious items he's been collecting to travel to the demon dimension where he defeats the powerful demon jailer and brings back the imprisoned man. Angel gives Lilah the man and Cordelia is cured. Angel kills the brainy guy ot make sure he will never bother Cordelia again. Gavin Parks, another Wolfram & Hart lawyer, is transferred to Lilah's Special Projects division from Real Estate, and starts causing trouble for Angel by reporting the hotel's code violations. Darla visits a wise old man in Honduras to figure out how she could possibly be pregnant by Angel, but the wise old man tells her that it is not to be known, so she decides it's time to pay daddy a visit.

#3 That Old Gang of Mine: Aired Monday, October 8, 2001

Angel encourages Cordelia to talk to Fred and get the timid girl out in the world. Cordelia gets Fred to go sing karaoke at Caritas. Meanwhile, Angel and Wesley investigate a series of murders of demons... some evil demons, some totally harmless, including Merl, the informant. Gunn goes to see his old friend Rondell and meets the new hot-headed member of the vampire-slaying gang, Gio, just in from Miami. Gunn figures out that Gio is leading the gang to kill demons all over town, regardless of whether they're good or evil. Gunn is about to tell Wesley what he's figured out when Rondell, Gio and the gang attack Caritas. Using machine guns, they take down a huge number of demons, and don't worry too much about hitting humans who were socializing with demons. They get Cordelia to send Angel to them and challenge Gunn to come back to "their side" and kill his vampire friend. Meanwhile, on Angel's bidding, Cordelia goes to the Furies and gets them to lift the spell that protects Caritas from demon/vampire violence. Gunn refuses to kill Angel, and the spell is lifted just in time so that Angel and his friends can protect themselves and send Gunn's old gang away.

#4 Carpe Noctem: Aired Monday, October 15, 2001

Fred's huge crush on Angel is becoming more and more apparent, and Cordelia tells Angel he has to have a talk with love-sick girl. Lilah undermines Gavin's efforts at tying Angel up in red tape by forging certifications for the hotel. Angel and the gang investigate a series of strange deaths of young strong men who all go to the same health club. It turns out that an old man has been stealing their bodies to relive his youth, but before Angel can tell his friends what he's discovered, the old man steals his body. Angel is left trapped in a retirement home while the old man figures out that he's a strong and immortal vampire, and rages through town getting in fights and seducing women to bite. He also manages to really hurt Fred's feelings by being really nice to her and then making out with another woman (Lilah!) right in front of her. Luckily, the gang figures out that Angel is not acting like himself, and they save their vampire friend just before the old man kills him off so that he can keep his new body forever. Angel tries to tell Fred that he likes her just as a friend, but luckily Corelia has already explained. Angel finds out Buffy is alive.

#5 Fredless: Aired Monday, October 22, 2001

Angel sees Buffy, but won't tell anyone what transpired. Fred's parents show up looking for her, and when Fred runs away the gang is concerned that there's is some really bad reason that she doesn't want to see them. With the Host's help, they track her down, and when she sees her parents it becomes clear that the reason she was scared is because seeing her parents proves that the horrible last five years of her life were actually real. Her parents turn out to be wonderful sweet people who love their daughter, and after a battle with a huge bug Fred decides to go home to Texas and be with her family. Her friends are mourning her departure when lots and lots of giant bugs attack them at the hotel. Luckily, Fred shows up and saves everyone by returning the bugs' eggs to them, eggs which Angel had accidentally brought back to the hotel inside a demon's severed head. Fred decides she has found her true calling and stays in Los Angeles with Angel Investigations.

#6 Billy: Aired Monday, October 29, 2001

Wesley is starting to have more interesting feelings for Fred. It turns out that the guy Angel pulled from the hell dimension, Billy, is part-demon, and brings out in other men violence towards women. As the guys are figuring this out, they're also being affected by Billy's influence, and Wesley says terrible things to Fred and then hunts her in the hotel with an axe. Gunn saves Fred, but finds himself starting to feel Billy's effects as well. With Gunn's own help, Fred knocks him out, and then takes out Wesley with a neat flying fire extinguisher that she builds. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Angel, wracked with guilt and feeling repsonsible for Billy's return to earth, are both hunting him. Billy tries to turn Angel against Cordelia, but something about Angel's vampire nature makes him immune to Billy's power. Angel and Billy start to fight while Cordelia tries to get a good shot in, but it's Lilah, who suffered a severe beating from a male colleague while Billy was nearby, who ends up firing the shot that kills him. Wesley feels terrible for the way he treated Fred, but Fred assures him that she doesn't blame him.

#7 Offspring: Aired Monday, November 5, 2001

Angel starts having more romantic feelings towards Cordelia. Wesley, with help from Fred, tries to interpret some ancient prophetic scrolls, and Fred calculates that an evil that could bring about the end of the world may have just arrived in Los Angeles. A pregnant and pissed off Darla arrives at the hotel and demands that Angel and his gang figure out how she could have gotten pregnant. Cordelia feels sorry for Darla in her condition, but quickly learns that she's still the mean vampire she's always been when Darla bites her. Cordelia has a vision and realizes that what Darla is carrying has a soul. Angel tracks Darla to an arcade where she's preying on children and also realizes that Darla's insatiable hunger for purer and purer blood is due to the fact that what she's carrying has a soul. Fred re-calculates and realizes that the evil wasn't already here, it's arriving just now. A demon wakes up a man from within a stone statue. It's Holtz, the vampire hunter that plagued Angel and Darla hundreds of years ago.

#8 Quickening: Aired Monday, November 12, 2001

As Angel and the gang try desperately to figure out what is inside of Darla, others become aware of the child's existence too. They not only have to worry about soldiers and an evil doctor sent by Wolfram & Hart, but a vampire cult attacks them in order to "worship the miracle baby." Meanwhile, Holtz is brought back to life by the demon Sahjhan and readies himself to renew the fight against Angelus and Darla. As Angel and his gang are fighting off vampire worshippers, Holtz is making short work of Wolfram & Hart's soldiers. When Angel returns, wary, to the hotel to get some important scrolls before the gang heads out of town, Holtz is there to meet him. Meanwhile, waiting in the car in a back alley nearby, Darla begins to go into labor.

#9 Lullaby: Aired Monday, November 19, 2001

We see in the 1700s how Angel and Darla killed Holtz's wife and turned his daughter into a vampire so that Holtz had to kill her himself. Holtz captures Angel at the hotel, but Lilah stops by to investigate and tells Holtz how Angel now has a soul. Angel gets away, and Holtz goes back to Sahjhan and says that things are different. Holtz agrees that Angel is still huntable, however, soul or no soul. Sahjhan doesn't mention that Darla's pregnant. Darla tries to ditch her caretakers while they're fighting off Holtz's demons. Angel tracks her down and they re-join the gang at Caritas to have the baby. The soul inside the baby is affecting Darla, making her almost seem to have a soul herself, however Darla's vampire body isn't able to give birth. Lilah has some scrolls that she stole from the hotel translated, and finds out that there is supposed to be a birth, but there will only be death. Holtz hunts down the gang at Caritas but Darla is too weak to flee. She collapses in an alley in the rain and stakes herself to save the baby. Angel picks up the baby. Holtz has Angel in his sights but lets him go with the baby. Holtz swears that he will have no mercy.

#10 Dad: Aired Monday, December 10, 2001

Lilah begins the search to figure out who Holtz is and hits the jackpot at the Wolfram & Hart files and records office. Angel and his friends, including Lorne who is homeless, hole up in the hotel behind a protective spell cast by the Furies. As the gang prepares a long list of the baby's potential enemies, many of those enemies being to congregate outside the hotel. When the bad guys start to break through, Angel flees with the baby through the sewers. He leads an entourage of bikers, vampires, demons, and Wolfram & Hart militia to an abandoned mine where he reveals that he actually left the baby with his friends and then blows up the mine. Meanwhile, Cordelia and the gang bring the baby to the hospital for a checkup and Wolfram & Hart realizes that Lorne could hear their surveillance equipment. Angel pays a visit to Linwood at Wolfram & Hart and warns him that anything that happens to the baby will also happen to Linwood. Angel meets his friends at the hospital and names the baby Connor. Holtz gets rid of his demon minions and starts to recruit loyal soldiers who have a reason to hate vampires.

#11 Birthday: Aired Monday, January 14, 2002

On Cordelia's birthday, she has a vision that knocks her out of her body. Unable to communicate with her concerned friends, she follows the friendly demon Skip who tells her that if she doesn't come with him she'll die. Meanwhile, Angel and the rest of gang find Cordelia's pain prescriptions and medical files and realize that her vision were hurting her much more than she let on, and in fact they were killing her. Angel is desperate to help Cordelia in any way he can. Skip explains to Cordelia that humans weren't meant to have the visions, and she can either go back to her comatose body and die when the next vision hits her, or she can experience the life she was meant to have and be a famous Emmy-winning sitcom actress. Cordy takes the obvious choice, but even with her memory of working with Angel wiped she finds herself uncontrollably drawn to the address she saw in her last vision. There she meets up with Wesley and Gunn and finds out that it was Angel who got the visions when Doyle died. When Cordy sees Angel he is a shivering, mentally-collapsed mess, and she instinctively kisses him, getting the visions again. Skip reappears, and Cordelia, with her memory restored, insists to Skip that there must be some way she can keep the visions, because she knows she was meant to have them. Skip says he can make her part demon, which will make her body able to withstand the visions, but it will be very painful and she may not be able to lead a normal human life. She agrees, and he makes her part demon. She wakes up in her body, checks that her appearance hasn't changed, and peripherally explains to her friends what happened. She has a painless vision, but it makes her float a couple of feet off the the floor.

#12 Provider: Aired Monday, January 21, 2002

Angel decides that he needs to make money to provide for Connor, and does some serious advertising for Angel Investigations. Angel goes off to kill some vampires but is stiffed by the guy that hires him. Wesley and Gunn go to protect a girl who is being stalked by her zombie boyfriend, but end witnessing a reconciliation after finding out that she was the one that poisoned her boyfriend in the first place. Fred, with Lorne as a translator, goes to help some Nahdrah demons solve a puzzle for their prince. Cordelia, left caring for the baby, has a vision of Fred in danger. Cordelia leaves messages for Angel, Wesley and Gunn who are all distracted with other things and then realizes she has to go save Fred herself. She goes to the Nahdrah barge to reason with the demons just as the demons are preparing to cut off Fred's head to put on their prince's body. Luckily, Cordelia stalls them long enough for the men to check the voicemails and show up to save the day. Angel realizes they can't spread themselves so thin just for the sake of money. Holtz sends out his recruit, Justine, to recruit more vampire haters like herself for his army. Gunn and Wesley realize they're both starting to have romantic feelings for Fred.

#13 Waiting in the Wings: Aired Monday, February 4, 2002

Angel gets the whole gang tickets to ballet, and they all get dressed up to attend. Lorne tries to get Angel to admit to his feelings for Cordelia, but he denies them. At the ballet, Angel realizes that he recognizes the performers from an 1890 performance he saw, but doesn't sense that they're vampires. Angel and Cordy go backstage to investigate and gets possessed by spirits of lovers from the past. They find themselves acting out a love scene, and at first they fight it, but then they realize it's the only way to figure out what's going on. They realize that the prima ballerina had a secret lover, and when she was discovered by Count Kurskov, the head of the company, he magically locked her into repeating the same performance over and over again for 100 years. Luckily, before anything gets too serious, the amorous couple are interrupted by theatrical demons. Angel and Cordy are joined by their friends who fight off the demons while Angel goes up to the stage to try to stop what's happening. The gang fighting the demons weakens Kurskov's power, and Angel encourages the prima ballerina to fight and change the ending of the ballet she's been endlessly repeating. She does so, and Angel takes the opportunity to attack Kurskov and destroy his power center. Back at the hotel, Angel tries to explain to Cordelia that he has feelings for her, but just then the Groosalugg shows up and Cordelia greets him with a big kiss. Wesley and Gunn both have a huge thing for Fred, but it's Gunn who gets the girl.

#14 Couplet: Aired Monday, February 18, 2002

Wesley gets jealous as Gunn and Fred grow closer and closer, while Angel is distracted by Cordelia and the Groosalugg. With the introduction of a new champion in the mix, Angel starts to feel like Groo could replace him. Cordy desperately wants to have sex with Groo, but is afraid of losing her visions to him, so she sends Groo and Angel to a demon brothel to get a prophylactic potion from a madam there. Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn go on a simple stakeout of a man who might be cheating on his wife, and after getting distracted by each other, end up getting caught by a huge underground tree monster. They call Angel and Groo for help, and Groo recklessly charges to their rescue, immediately getting caught by the tree monster. Angel uses a little more finesse and tricks the tree monster into losing its prey. Groo and Cordelia run off happily together with their potion, and Angel tells them to take a nice tropical vacation together. Wesley starts to uncover more prophecies about Connor and is dismayed to find out that the baby is supposed to be killed by his own father.

#15 Loyalty: Aired Monday, February 25, 2002

Holtz starts to investigate Angel's cohorts by sending one of his minions in with a fake request for help. Meanwhile, Sahjhan gets impatient and decides to try working with Lilah Morgan. Together, they think they can bring down Angel with a sample of his son's blood stolen from the hospital. Gunn and Fred begin to worry that mixing romance with work isn't the greatest idea, but they don't want to give each other up. Wesley worries when he reads of a prophecy that Angel will kill his own son, and then the three tell-tale signs come true: earthquake, fire and blood.

#16 Sleep Tight: Aired Monday, March 4, 2002

Angel finds out that Lilah and Sahjhan have been working together, spiking his blood supply with Connor's blood to make him want to eat his own son. Wesley tries to kidnap Connor to keep him safe from Angel, but Holtz gets ahold of the child and ends up trapped in a hell dimension with Connor by Sahjhan.

#17 Forgiving: Aired Monday, April 15, 2002

Angel finds out that his son has been taken to a place called Quor-Toth, and kidnaps Linwood from Wolfram & Hart in order to get his help to get to Quor-Toth. Linwood and Lilah help Angel get a dark magic spell to make Sahjhan a tangible being again so that Angel can attack him and get him to open another portal. Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn find Wesley's diaries figure out why Wesley took Connor in the first place. Sahjhan admits to Angel, just before kicking his ass, that he time-travelled into the past and made up the prophecy that scared Wesley. The real prophecy was that Angel's son would kill Sahjhan, so Sahjhan was using Holtz to get rid of Connor. Sahjhan tells Angel that he couldn't open another portal to Quor-Toth even if he wanted to, because it might destroy the universe. Sahjhan is about to stake Angel when Justine, who is feeling abandoned by Holtz, traps Sahjhan in an urn specially made to trap his kind. Justine tells Fred and Gunn how she slit Wesley's throat and left him for dead, and Fred and Gunn find Wesley in a nearby hospital. Angel comes to visit Wesley, and although he tells Wesley that he understands why he took Connor, he still tries to smother him with a pillow in a rage.

#18 Double or Nothing: Aired Monday, April 22, 2002

Cordelia returns with Groo and tries to be of some comfort to Angel. Fred goes to see Wesley and tells him that while she understands he was trying to do something good, she can't forgive him for not trusting them and coming to them with what he knew. Fred tells Wesley the prophecy was false. Wesley is released from the hospital and returns morosely to his apartment. Gunn, Fred and Lorne try to get Angel Investigations runnig normally again without Wesley. A soul-sucking demon who runs a casino sends a goon after Gunn. It turns out that many years ago Gunn promised his soul to the demon in exchange for something, and now that he's falling in love with Fred, the demon fears Gunn may give his soul to a girl instead of him. Gunn spends one last ecstatic day with Fred and then dumps her, hard, ready to give up his soul to the demon. Fred figures out that something must be wrong and, with the clue of a business card, Angel and the gang track down Gunn at the casino. Angel bets the demon double or nothing: Angel wins, Gunn is free, the demon wins, he gets both Angel and Gunn's souls. Angel loses the bet, but gets away with all souls intact by encouraging the other demons in the casino to attack the soul-sucker because they all owe him too. Gunn apologizes to Fred and admits he sold his soul for his truck.

#19 The Price: Aired Monday, April 29, 2002

Repercussions from Angel's use of dark magicks arrive in the form of glow-in-the-dark slugs that infest the hotel and try to attack humans and drain them of all moisture. When Fred is attacked, Gunn runs to Wesley for help. A possessed Fred predicts the coming of the Destroyer, who is gunning for Angel. Gunn takes Wesley's advice and force-feeds Fred liquor, dehydrating her and forcing the slug from her body. Meanwhile, Cordelia discovers an awesome new demoness power when she grabs one of the slugs and emanates a cleansing light that rids the hotel of their presence. The Destroyer, a huge monster, appears in the lobby, quickly followed by a leather-clad and heavily armed young man who kills it and greets Angel as his father. Gavin manipulates Lilah so that she looks bad in Linwood's eyes. The Groosalugg starts to realize some of Cordelia's strong feelings for Angel.

#20 A New World: Aired Monday, May 6, 2002

Connor kills The Destroyer and then goes after Angel, narrowly missing him with his stake gun. Connor runs off and Angel and the gang go looking for him. Groo and Cordelia keep an eye on the rift in the lobby of the hotel, but get knocked out by it. Lorne's friend Mistress Myrna closes the rift, but doesn't know if anything else came through while Groo and Cordelia were knocked out. Connor, a instinctual hunter and incredible warrior, befriends a young female drug addict named Sunny and saves her from her abusive dealer, Tyke. Sunny overdoses and Angel finds Connor shortly before Tyke does. Angel and Connor battle Tyke and his gang and narrowly escape from the police. When Angel takes a bullet for Connor, the teenage boy realizes that his biological father might not be the horrible man that Holtz said he was. Angel invites Connor back to the hotel, but Connor turns him down. Connor meets up with an aged Holtz. Fred still want to get in touch with Wesley even though Cordelia and Gunn tell her it's a bad idea. Lilah offers Wesley a job at Wolfram & Hart, but he turns her down. Groo still worries about Cordelia's attachment to Angel, although Cordy assures him there's nothing to worry about.

#21 Benediction: Aired Monday, May 13, 2002

Holtz sends Connor to Angel, telling the boy to get to know his biological father. Lilah drags Wesley to a club to gauge his good soul by showing him Justine set up to be killed by a gang of vampires. Cordy sees the setup in a vision, and Angel takes Connor and saves Justine. Connor goes back to Holtz, who again sends him to Angel. Connor shows his demon-hating side by saying terrible things to Lorne and actually trying to kill Cordy when she admits she's part demon too. Cordelia accidentally gives Connor what Lorne calls a soul colonic, cleaning out of him some of the ick from Quor-Toth. Connor lets slip that Holtz is in L.A. too, and Angel has Gunn and Fred distract Connor while he goes to confront his son's kidnapper. Holtz admits to Angel that he loves Connor, and wants what's best for him, and so he wants to give him back to Angel. Holtz gives Angel a letter explaining things to Connor, and after Angel leaves Holtz has Justine kill him. Connor finds out that Angel went to confront Holtz, and when he finds Holtz dying in Justine's arms, he assumes that Angel killed him. The Groosalugg, still concerned about Cordelia's feelings for Angel, goes for a long walk, like two days, and Cordelia doesn't notice his absence. When he returns, she mistakes his silhouette in the doorway for Angel's.

#22 Tomorrow: Aired Monday, May 20, 2002

Justine misleads Connor into thinking Angel killed Holtz. Connor goes to live with Angel, and pretends to be a loving son. Lorne announces that he's leaving for Las Vegas, but before he leaves he tells Angel that Cordelia loves him. Groo leaves Cordelia, telling her that she really loves Angel and he has to do the right things and get out of the way. Cordelia has a mystical conversation with herself about her feelings for Angel, and then arranges a cliff-side meeting with Angel to have a serious talk. Lilah is still trying to recruit Wesley for Wolfram & Hart, and the two bitter people end up in bed together. Cordelia is waylaid by her demon guide, Skip, on her way to meet Angel, and he tells her that she's now a higher being and has to move on to a higher plane. Although she's sad that she won't get to tell Angel she loves him, she realizes that it's the right thing, and ascends into the sky with glowy lights. Connor ambushes Angel and he and Justine lock the vampire in a box and dump him into the ocean to live out his eternal days with the fishes.

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