4th Season

#1 Deep Down
#2 Ground State
#3 The House Always Wins
#4 Slouching Toward Bethlehem
#5 Supersymmetry
#6 Spin the Bottle
#7 Rain of Fire
#8 Habeas Corpus
#9 Long Day's Journey
#10 Awakening
#11 Soulless
#12 Calvary
#13 Salvage
#14 Release
#15 Orpheus
#16 Players
#17 Inside Out
#18 Shiny, Happy People
#19 The Magic Bullet
#20 Sacrifice
#21 Peace Out
#22 Home

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#1 Deep Down: Aired Sunday, October 6, 2002

Fred and Gunn are trying to parent and train Connor while looking for Angel and trying to keep Angel Investigations afloat. Wesley is still sleeping with Lilah, but secretly keeping Justine locked in his closet and using her to go hunting for Angel on a boat. Wesley finally finds Angel and abandons Justine. Angel, who has been hallucinating from hunger and lack of stimulation, still has an urge to kill Wesley, but is luckily too weak to do anything about it. Wesley returns Angel to Fred and Gunn who are horrified to hear about what Connor did to his father. Angel tells Connor he still loves him, but kicks him out. Lilah, with the help of senior Wolfram & Hart partner Mr. Suvarta, beheads and therefore usurps Linwood at the firm. Lorne enjoys a singing career in Las Vegas. Cordelia is bored in her acension, and Angel, after ascertaining that Connor didn't do anything to her, vows to find her. More...

#2 Ground State: Aired Sunday, October 13, 2002

Angel finally forgives Wesley, and Wesley sends him to a dark goddess of the lost to look for Cordelia. The goddess tells Angel to get the Axis of Pythia, which will help him find Cordelia across dimenions. Angel, Fred and Gunn break into an auction house to retrieve the Axis only to discover that a young woman with weird electrical powers, Gwen, got there first. In the fight that ensues, Gunn dies, although he is quickly revived, but Fred gets freaked out just the same. Angel hunts down Gwen, who is a professional thief, and saves her from her client who has decided to dispose of her instead of paying her. Gwen's electricity starts Angel's heart beating again and they share an impromptu passionate kiss. Angel uses the Axis to find Cordelia and realizes that maybe she belongs where she is. Cordelia begs to differ, but no one can hear her. Lilah and Wesley are still having sex and still taunting each other with their secrets. Wesley seems to have his own evil-fighting team now. Connor bunks down with some homeless folks. Angel quietly keeps an eye on his son. More...

#3 The House Always Wins: Aired Sunday, October 20, 2002

Angel decides it's time for everyone to take a vacation and they go to Las Vegas to visit Lorne. Once there, Fred and Gunn realize that Lorne is actually being held captive by an evil casino owner, Lee. Lorne is forced to read people's destinies and then Lee steals the good ones, leaving the people directionless and sitting in front of slot machines. Fred and Gunn try to rescue Lorne, but Angel is no help since his destiny is accidentally stolen by Lee. A heavenly Cordelia intervenes, making Angel win on his rigged slot machine and helping Angel find the will to fight for his friends. When the gang gets back to Los Angeles, they are surprised to run into a very earth-bound Cordelia... who doesn't know who they are. Angel is still watching over Connor as Connor continues to fight evil vampires. Wesley poaches Angel's clients while Angel is out of town, and talks dirty to Lilah over the phone. The gang finds out that Angel has some experience with Vegas... with Bugsy, the Rat Pack and Elvis. More...

#4 Slouching Toward Bethlehem: Aired Sunday, October 27, 2002

Connor is out saving strangers from vampires. Cordelia is back, but has no memory of who she is or who her friends are. Angel and the gang originally try to hide their demon-hunting activities from her so as not to scare her, but when she eventually finds out anyway their original deceit only breeds mistrust in the scared confused Cordelia. Cordelia sings for Lorne, and what Lorne sees scares him so much that he can't even properly articulate the doom and gloom. When Connor saves Cordelia from a demon running loose in the hotel, she decides he's the only one she can trust and goes with him to where he's been squatting. Wolfram & Hart send an extraction team after her, and Wesley overhears the plans from Lilah and tells Angel. Angel, Gunn and Fred save Connor and Cordelia just in time, but Angel is surprised when Cordelia says she wants to stay with Connor because she trusts him. When Angel, Gunn and Fred get back to the hotel, they realize that the whole thing was actually a ruse to get to Lorne, whose brain has been sucked of what he saw when Cordy sang. Lilah and Wesley start to wonder if there's more to their relationship than just sex, even though they still blatantly use each other.

#5 Supersymmetry: Aired Sunday, November 3, 2002

Fred writes a revolutionary physics paper and is asked to present it at a symposium. While there, she not only runs into her old physics professor, but she is almost killed by a tentacled demon that comes out of a portal in the middle of her speech. Fred visits her professor the next day, and finds a book on his shelf that makes it clear he was not only responsible for the portal yesterday, but was responsible for sending her to Pylea years ago. Fred vows vengeance, and when Gunn and Angel try to stop her she turns to Wesley for help. Wesley gives her the power to open her own portal, and she tries to send her professor through it, but Gunn stops her at the last minute, snaps the professor's neck, and throws him into the portal himself. Gunn and Fred lie to Angel and tell him the professor was sucked into his own portal. Cordelia and Connor grow closer and start staking vamps together. They share an impromptu kiss that Connor interprets as more, and Cordelia tells him that it was a mistake. Cordelia returns to the hotel and asks Angel if they were in love. Lilah becomes jealous of the attention Wesley pays to Fred.

#6 Spin the Bottle: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

Lorne performs a spell to get Cordelia's memory back and Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, Wesley, and Angel all end up with the memories of their teenage years and nothing else. Wesley, who thinks he's still head boy at the Watcher's Academy, decides this must be some sort of test for him, and he must have to hunt a vampire somewhere in the hotel. Angel freaks out when he realizes he's a vampire and everyone's hunting him. Lorne, who has been tied up by the suspicious crew, convinces Fred to untie him so he can put things right. Lorne is able to restore everyone's memory, but not before Connor ends up fighting Angel to protect Cordelia. When Cordelia finally gets all her memories back, she sees a flash of a really vicious looking red demon and runs away. Angel follows her, but she says she has to be alone. Angel asks her if they were in love, and she says they were.

#7 Rain of Fire: Aired Sunday, November 17, 2002

Cordy is terrified by her dreams and visions of an unstoppable evil Beast, while Angel Investigations is plagued by neverending phone calls from people with minor supernatural problems. Connor convinces Cordelia to talk to Angel, and she not only warns him about the impending evil Beast, but explains to him that she can't be with him because, as a higher being, she saw and felt his past as Angelus. Once warned, Angel goes to Lilah to get her to give him the info Wolfram & Hart sucked out of Lorne's head. Connor and Cordelia accidentally find the evil Beast, who pops out of the ground right where Darla died and Connor was born. Connor tries to protect Cordelia, but almost gets himself killed. With their own info and Lilah's info, Angel and the gang figure out where to find The Beast, but when they confront the enormous horned demon, they get their butts kicked. Fred can't be normal with Gunn after he killed her professor for her, so she escapes to a diner to be alone, and is separated from everyone else during the disaster. As The Beast causes the sky to rain fire, Cordelia decides to sleep with Connor, and a worried Angel watches from a nearby rooftop.

#8 Habeas Corpus: Aired Wednesday, January 15, 2003

As Los Angeles burns in the rain of fire, Cordy and Connor make love and an angry Angel watches them from a nearby rooftop. Fred and Gunn reconcile when the battered men return to the hotel. Wesley decides to call it quits with Lilah and officially join the good guys again, even though he and Gunn are feuding. The morning after, Cordelia tells Connor that they can never be together like that again. Connor storms off, determined to figure out the connection between himself and the evil Beast that popped up out of his birthplace. Connor goes to Wolfram & Hart for answers, and ends up trapped there when the entire firm is slaughtered by the Beast and the building goes into lockdown. Wesley saves Lilah as the building closes down, and Lilah tells him about Connor. Wesley gets the rest of the gang and they go in after Connor. It turns out that all the dead W&H employees are zombies, and after the gang finds Connor, their only way out is to the white room that Angel remembers. They make their way to the white room where the Beast is killing the evil thing disguised as a little girl. With her dying breath, the little girl tells Angel's gang that the answer is among them, and then magically transports them safely back to the hotel. Angel, who has been pissy all day about Cordy and Connor, tells Cordy to take her boyfriend and get out now that everyone's safe.

#9 Long Day's Journey: Aired Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Gunn worries as Wesley and Fred work well together trying to learn more about The Beast. Angel, who is still bitter about Connor and Cordy, is rather pleased when Gwen, the electric thief, shows up to find out whether or not the world is going to end. Cordy is immediately cold to Gwen, having seen from above what transpired between the thief and the vampire the last time they met. While pondering the message, "The answer is among you," the team figures out that The Beast is systematically killing the Ra-Tet, the totems of the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra. The last totem left alive tells them that The Beast is planning to block out the sun and turn Earth into a demon playground. Angel, Cordy, Gunn, and Gwen try to keep the last totem, Manny, alive, but he is assassinated in what looks like an inside job. Wesley and Fred figure the only way to get rid of The Beast is to suck him into a portal. Everyone goes over to Connor's place to find him and bring him into the fold, but The Beast gets there first. Angel and the gang go after The Beast, but the portal trick fails and The Beast plunges them into perpetual darkness. Cordelia realizes from strange visions that The Beast knows Angelus, even though Angel doesn't ever remember meeting The Beast before.

#10 Awakening: Aired Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Wesley finds a shaman, Wo-Pang, who can remove Angel's soul, and Angel reluctantly agrees to become Angelus. He builds a cage to contain his evil self, but when Wo-Pang starts the rite, it turns out that he's actually one of The Beast's acolytes and tries to kill Angel. Angel, with help from his friends, kills Wo-Pang instead, and from the tattoos on the shaman's body they find out that there is a sword that can kill The Beast. With help from Cordy's vision, they find a dimensional bubble beneath L.A. that gives them access to the sword. Cordy regrets her hasty decision to sleep with Connor and apologizes to Angel. They share a kiss that Connor witnesses. Connor and Angel fight and Connor runs off. When The Beast attacks the hotel, Angel almost loses the fight, but with help from a timely Connor, Angel uses the sword to kill The Beast. Sunlight is restored to L.A., and Angel and Cordelia celebrate by making love. Angel becomes Angelus. It turns out that everything was an illusion created by the shaman to remove Angel's soul, and it worked. A caged Angelus laughs maniacally at his own restoration.

#11 Soulless: Aired Wednesday, February 5, 2003

The darkened L.A. becomes a magent for vampires from other locales, while the gang deals with having Angelus in their midst. While the legendary vampire stays caged in the basement, he still causes trouble, stirring up a fight between Gunn and Wesley over Fred, and letting everyone in on the fact that Cordelia slept with Connor. Cordelia makes a deal with Angelus: he tells them what he knows about the Beast, they destroy the Beast, and he can have her, to do whatever he wants with her. Angelus tells Wesley about Svea Priestesses, who can banish the Beast, but when Cordelia, Wesley and Connor go to find the Svea Priestesses, they find them all slaughtered by the Beast. Angelus wants to collect on his deal with Cordy, but she reminds him that they haven't stopped the Beast yet. Everyone decides that since Angelus told them what he knows, and it didn't help, they should put his soul back, but when they open the safe where they stored the soul, they find it missing.

#12 Calvary: Aired Wednesday, February 12, 2003

As the gang tries to figure out how to re-ensoul Angel without his soul, Fred and Gunn break up and Lilah crawls out of the sewers to try to convince Angelus to go after the beast. Lilah ends up hanging out at the hotel with the gang while Angelus reveals to Fred that Wesley and Lilah have been sleeping together. Angelus tells everyone that the Beast actually has a bigger and badder boss, and with help from Lilah Wesley realizes that there are references to the Beast in some texts, they just come from another dimension. Cordelia has a vision and performs a spell that re-ensouls Angel. Lorne reads Angel, declares him ensouled, and the gang lets him out of his cage, but it turns out it was just Angelus faking. The gang goes Angelus hunting, leaving Lilah and Cordy alone in the hotel. As Angelus hunts down the two women in the hotel, Cordelia knifes Lilah, letting her know that she let Angelus out of his cage on purpose.

#13 Salvage: Aired Wednesday, March 5, 2003

The gang finds Angelus sucking on Lilah's lifeless body, and assume he killed her. Angelus runs off to find The Beast, while Wesley confronts his feelings for Lilah and cuts off her head to make sure she doesn't rise as a vampire. Lorne, with some help from the furies, casts a demon anti-violence spell over the hotel. Connor vows to hunt down and kill Angelus, but Cordy fakes fainting to stop him. After being found by Angelus, The Beast tries to give him orders from his master, but Angelus blows him off. The Beast's master, Cordelia, shows up and assures The Beast that they'll get Angelus on their side. Cordelia and The Beast share a kiss. Wesley helps Faith bust out of jail after asking for her help in capturing Angelus. Faith, who clashes with Connor, confronts Angelus, who introduces her to The Beast. The Beast nearly destroys Faith, but Angelus uses the fight to kill The Beast, accidentally bringing back the sun and preventing himself from being able to finish off Faith. Everyone except Cordelia is pleased to see the sun. Cordelia tells Connor that she's pregnant and now they'll be together forever through their child.

#14 Release: Aired Wednesday, March 12, 2003

The Beastmaster (Cordelia) starts communicating with Angel as a voice in his head, and threatens him with his soul (which Cordelia has) if he doesn't follow orders. Cordelia tells Connor to keep her pregnancy a secret, and hides in her room so the others won't see her quickly growing belly. Angel stops by the hotel to try to get info on the Beastmaster, and tricks Fred with a fake charm that supposedly counteracts the demon anti-violence spell. Connor, when he tries to attack a fleeing Angel, realizes that he is subject to the demon anti-violence spell, and worries that he is a demon. Fred, who is feeling bad about being tricked by Angel, tries to reconcile with Gunn, but he is not incredibly receptive. Wesley tries to bring out Faith's inner demon so that she can beat Angelus. Faith and Wesley track down Angelus and Faith has a long drawn out fight with him. She reigns herself in as she is about to destroy Angelus, and he grabs her and bites into her neck, threatening to turn her into a monster like he is.

#15 Orpheus: Aired Wednesday, March 19, 2003

It turns out that Faith spiked her blood with a mystical drug, and both she and Angelus fall into comas. Wesley brings them back to the hotel, and Willow shows up after Fred calls her to assist with restoring Angel's soul. Cordelia, in possession of Angel's soul, tries hard to prevent Willow from setting it free, but gets distracted and loses the soul. In the meantime, Faith and Angelus are trapped together in Angel's memories. When Angel's soul is freed, Angel begins to fight Angelus in his own dreams, while Faith tries to keep from dying. Cordelia plots to get Connor to kill Angelus before his soul can be restored. In his own mind, Angel pleads with Faith to save him, and Faith wakes up out of her coma just in time to stop Connor from killing Angel just as his soul is restored. Faith goes back to Sunnydale with Willow. Cordelia decides to reveal her pregnancy to everyone.

#16 Players: Aired Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Cordy continues to manipulate Connor while Wesley tries to explain his relationship with Lilah to Fred. Gwen shows up and requests Gunn's assistance with rescuing a kidnapped girl. Gunn is excited to be doing something concrete for a change, but quickly finds out that Gwen set him up as a distraction to help her steal a prototype device from a Japanese businessman. Gunn decides to help her anyway, and finds out that Gwen is not stealing the device for a fee, she actually hopes it will de-electrify her. After barely getting away with their skins, Gunn and Gwen test out the device, and it works. Gwen gets her first real kiss from Gunn. Angel and the gang try to figure out who the Beast's boss was, while also researching Cordelia's clearly demonic pregnancy. They find out nothing about anything, but cleverly set a trap for Cordelia and bust her trying to kill Lorne before he can get his empathic abilities working correctly again and read her as the evil being that she is.

#17 Inside Out: Aired Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Connor rescues Cordy from the clutches of their friends, and they hide out in an old warehouse in the meat-packing district. Cordy convinces Connor that the gang fears their baby and hates them. She asks for his help in safely birthing their baby, which includes sacrificing the blood of a virgin. The ghost of Darla visits Connor to convince him not to murder the young girl that he's kidnapped, but loses out to an evil Cordelia. In the meantime, Angel hunts down Skip to see if the friendly demon can help explain what's happened to Cordelia. It turns out that Skip is not so friendly, and has been helping the evil being every step of the way. After a knock-down battle, Angel brings an unconscious Skip back to the hotel, and the gang learns from the demon that the last few years of their lives have been manipulated by this evil being so that it could take over Cordelia's body and give birth to itself. Skip accidentally reveals to Angel how to find Cordelia, and the vampire goes out to kill the woman he loves. He finds Cordelia in labor, and beats down Connor to get to her. Just before Angel has a chance to kill Cordelia, a beautiful full-grown woman emerges from her belly in a ball of light. Angel and Connor both fall to their knees in wonderment at her beauty. She kindly calls Angel by name.

#18 Shiny, Happy People: Aired Wednesday, April 9, 2003

The Woman (who we will later know as Jasmine), whose birth leaves Cordelia in a coma, has the amazing ability to turn everyone she meets, including Angel and the gang, into loyal disciples dedicated to carrying out her every command. She explains that she is a being from before the time of main, basically calling herself a god. She seems to be spreading peace and joy, and heading up a war against evil, but one lone stranger, a man named John Stoler, sees that she is evil and tries to attack her. Later, Fred suddenly realizes that Jasmine appears to her as a rotting corpse. Fred visits John in the hospital, where he is confined to a psychiatric ward, and he insists that they have been "called" and must destroy Jasmine. Fred tries to confide her fears to Wesley, but he tells everyone else and they quickly turn against her. Fred makes one attempt to kill Jasmine, which Angel prevents, and then runs for her life. Jasmine prevents the gang from going after her and killing her. The next day, Fred is morosely having breakfast by herself at a diner, and sees Jasmine on TV. Everyone around her in the diner falls to their knees and starts worshipping Jasmine.

#19 The Magic Bullet: Aired Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The whole world is happy and nice, but Fred is running for her life, being hunted by Wesley and Gunn. The hotel is crowded with Jasmine's followers who all want to be close to her. Occasionally she chooses one or two to accompany her upstairs. Fred, who escapes her pursuers, tries to research mass mind control. Jasmine's powers grow, and she gets a psychic connection with her followers, so that Fred finds herself hunted wherever she goes. Fred eventually takes refuge in a dirt hole with a strange small demon who tries to attack her. She fends off the demon, but the wound on her arm makes her realize that it was contact with Jasmine's blood that made her see Jasmine for what she really was. She goes out into the open, drawing Jasmine to her with Angel, and then sneakily shoots a bullet through Jasmine that then lodges in Angel's shoulder. The spell over Angel is broken, and he gets away with Fred. Jasmine returns to the hotel, heals herself, and "eats" three more people that she brings upstairs with her. Angel and Fred sneak into a comatose Cordelia's room, correctly betting that Cordy's blood will have the same affect, and manage to "infect" Lorne, Wesley and Gunn, bringing them back to their senses. Unfortunately, the "cure" does not work on Connor.

#20 Sacrifice: Aired Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Connor raises the alarm, and the rest of the gang runs away from Jasmine's army and goes into hiding underground. Jasmine secrets away Cordelia and the power of her blood, which worries Connor. Angel and the gang run into some old acquaintences of Gunn's who went underground when the sun went out. Angel helps the kids fight a scary spider demon that has been plaguing them below ground. When Wesley is captured by the spider demon, he learns that the demon comes from another world that has worshipped Jasmine for eons, and that Jasmine's real name holds power over her. Angel kills the spider demon, and Wesley uses the demon's portal key to send Angel to the spider demon world so that he can learn Jasmine's real name. The rest of the gang goes into the fight of their lives against Connor and a Jasmine-possessed National Guard.

#21 Peace Out: Aired Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Angel struggles to find the temple in the world he has been sent to, and finds himself in a battle of words with the Guardian of the Word, while in a physical battle with the Keeper of the Name, who will only speak Jasmine's real name with his dying breath. Connor and his army capture Wesley and the gang, and bring them back to the hotel on Jasmine's order. Jasmine has Connor guard his friends in the cage downstairs, and they realize that Connor has always seen Jasmine as she really is. After talking to his old friends, Connor worries about where Cordelia is, and finally tracks her down to an abandoned church. He talks to his comatose lover, admitting that he just wanted to believe in the paradise that Jasmine offered. Jasmine plans a world-wide news conference, and eats a huge number of people to prepare. During the conference, Angel reappears, and brings with him the head of the Keeper of the Name. With its dying breath, the Keeper speaks Jasmine's real name, and she loses her beautiful appearance, scaring away all her worshippers and causing chaos. Jasmine attacks Angel to take her revenge, but Connor reappears and kills her. Connor runs way from Angel, who worries that his son has finally given up on everything. Lilah reappears.

#22 Home: Aired Wednesday, May 7, 2003

As a strange thanks for ending world peace, Lilah comes back from the dead and offers Angel and the gang full control of the completely renovated and re-staffed Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart. In the meantime, a lost and confused Connor wanders the city and finally takes a store full of people hostage. Although they are determined not to be swayed, Lorne is impressed by the entertainment talent that W&H represents, Fred is impressed with the science division that she would head-up, Wesley is impressed with the research that would be at his fingertips, and Gunn is very impressed by something involving a black panther that he sees in the white scary room upstairs. It takes some serious convincing, but Lilah finally convinces Angel Inc. to take over Wolfram & Hart by making a deal with Angel and giving him an amulet that could be instrumental in Sunnydale. Angel rescues the hostages and, surprisingly, a still comatose Cordelia from Connor, and Wolfram & Hart magically erases everyone's memory of Connor, including Connor's own. Connor is sent to live with a happy family in the country where he lives the normal life of 17-year-old applying to colleges and teasing his kid sister.

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